How To Pay Off Your Credit Card: Debt Collector’s Secret 1

I remember one day, my family and I was about to leave to go somewhere and just when we were about to leave the house, we heard someone coming.  I peeked at the window and saw the debt collector just about to bang the gate calling for us.  We just kept quiet and pretended we were not home.

This is not an easy sight, although, remembering this now really makes me laugh.  If I only knew what I am about to share with you now, I wouldn’t have been rattled by the debt collector’s presence.

So here’s one credit card debt collector secret:  THEY CANNOT LEGALLY BRING YOU TO COURT.

Yup. They cannot!

You have probably received many letters coming from a legal office or a text message threatening you that they will bring this matter to the court if you don’t pay immediately, but I’m telling you now, credit card debt collectors do not have the right to bring you to court (unless you issued a post dated check and it bounced).

So why am I telling you this?  So you continue to have debt or evade your responsibility to pay?

Certainly no!

I’m telling you this to you will know that you have the right to demand not to be threatened; but also that you MUST PAY OFF your credit card debt.

You cannot run away from the problem that you yourself have caused.  Sooner or later your past will overtake you and you will suffer the consequences.  Yup, you may not be in prison, but you will not be able to make any loan especially when you needed it.

You have to come out debt-free.  In the first place, honesty is still the best policy.


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