How To Pay Off Your Credit Card: Debt Collector’s Secret 3

In my previous articles, I have shared with you 3 tips on what to do when credit card debt collectors call you.  I have also told you that they cannot legally bring you to court and why sometimes you just have to be patient and let your account be delinquent for a long time so you can have more leverage and get a good deal from your debt collectors.

In this article series, I would like to share with you another Credit Card Debt Collector’s secret:  THEY GIVE YOU DISCOUNTS AND REPAYMENT PLAN.

Just come to think of it.  If you are the credit card company and one of your cardholder spent Php 20,000.00 using his card which may total to a conservative Php 75,000.00 with all the penalties and interests (assuming the account has not been paid for a very long time), would you rather be able to collect at least half of the amount or really insist on getting the whole amount and your cardholder is not able to pay?

If this is logical to you, then you will clearly understand that you really do not have to avoid credit card debt collectors.

All you need to do is to ask them for a payment plan.  They can offer you a discount but your card will be totally closed or they can give you a 24 months repayment plan.

This is a good deal.  You have to ask them for it.


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