How to Pay Your Debt: Dealing With Debt Collectors

You have probably noticed that I have a fair amount of articles about debt collectors, and that is because I have a lot of experience with them.  We share a very ‘complicated’ past together that I have grown fond of them.

As in every relationship, your bond with your debt collector has an up and down.  There will be days that you are both smiling but there are also days that you don’t want to see him.  I’m seeing a ‘hugot’ coming.

So how am I going to deal with my debt collector?


Never be rude to your debt collector (unless of course, if they are rude to you then you can definitely report them to their company – yup you can do that and most companies will give you a new debt collector).  Consider them as your ‘frienemy’ and a ‘confidante’.  Debt collectors know how to work around the system as long as you cooperate with them.

Being disrespectful also means not facing them.  Never hide away from them; instead, be very visible and show them that you are sincere.  They have to know what’s going on with you and say it like you mean it.

Being disrespectful is making empty promises.  Like every relationship, nobody wants to expect and then end up with nothing – wag ka paasa!  If you are going to promise to pay a certain amount on a certain date, always be realistic with it.  It is better to say that you are able to pay a little amount on a certain date, rather than promise to pay a big amount and then pay nothing when that day comes.


Debt collectors are also human; they also have a responsibility to perform.  They bosses who are pushing them to collect and make money for their company.  They also have quotas to reach.  You have to listen to them too.

The reason, sometimes, why debt collectors are rude is because they are pressured by their bosses too.

Understand them and help them help you.


If there is a will, there is a away.  There’s always a way.  You have to be honest with your debt collector and show them how your finances goes on a monthly basis.  Ask him for advice and meet halfway.

Now that you know that both of you have a responsibility to perform, you have to meet halfway with him.

Make a payment plan with him and ask him how you can work around the system.  Because, to be honest, there is always a way and soon you’ll find out that you have already paid off your debt.

Debt Collectors can be your friend if you only knew how to deal with them.

I hope this article has helped you and I pray that you will have financial freedom soon.


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