Al Echegoyen (Founder of 19:20 Business Solutions. mentor, and coach.

Hi.  Welcome to my blog where I will be sharing some of my best personal financial management advice.

I will be very honest with you – years ago I have owed money from different people and companies – I owed more than half a million pesos. I lost my business and trust of business partners. My family has suffered because of what happened. For years, my wife and I have tried different strategies so we can get out of debt. We tried to go into more potential and lucrative businesses but ends up to be a failure. I have failed and I was not proud of it. I felt like I was the most irresponsible husband and father I’ve ever known. I hated myself as I run away from collectors and series of lawsuits.

Now we are living a simple life but a financially stress-free life.

I want to make a difference in your life through this blog and help you with your personal financial struggles.  I want you to know that you are not alone in this plight so read on and hope you learn.

If you want to bring our Workshops and Trainings to your group or Company, my team will be very happy to serve you and help your staff make the right financial decisions.

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God bless you.