Here are some testimonies straight from some of the people who participated in the Personal Financial Management seminar and workshop:

 “I have reaffirmed [my] previous commitments and knowledge and added more [financial knowledge]” Shamgar Dean Sandalo – Quality Assurance Analyst (36)

“I have learned today how to budget my monthly income and my responsibilities in life.” Rowena Booc – 34

“I learned to budget and spend daily needs only.” Anne Cirujales – Coop Manager – 29

“I learned a lot…family values and the importance of self and others.” Jaime Turtoga – 48

“[I learned how to] stop debt and pay all of them.” Teddy Orpeza – 30

“[I learned how to] handle money and budgeting of our income.” Ronie Yagong – 33

“The Seminar has enlightened my mind not to buy unnecessary things and to be responsible in my spending habit.” Vivian Ramos

“From this time onwards, I should know my priorities so I can spend my money wisely.  The Seminar has helped me how to handle messed [personal] finances.” Elywin Jimenez

“It made me realize that I can improve myself & offer myself as a Financial Mentor.” Mark Machacon – Training Officer (Plantation Bay)


You and your employees will have the same experience when you go through the Seminar (Part 1) and Workshop (Part 2).  This is not just any other experience BUT this is an experience of FREEDOM!

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