Workshop Outline

The Personal Financial Management of 1920 Business Solutions will help your employees to be free from financial mess and facilitates them to set financial goals. We have prepared practical and effective lessons and workshops that would actually open their minds and make them successful in their financial endeavors.

Who Should Attend
This is open to all employees who are interested in improving their financial health but this is highly recommended to employees who are in a financial mess, especially those who have made loans from the company or cooperative and found it very hard to pay off their debt.

What You Will Learn/Outline of Seminar
PART 1 (4 Hours) – Introductory Seminar

I. The Problem Discussed – Why We Mess Up    With Our Personal Finances
– Our Solution
– The Result

II. The Problem of not Discussing the Issue
– The real problem
– Looking Into Details

III. Balancing Our Financial Decisions
– How to Get Balance in your Decisions
– Getting Balanced Principles


V. Introducing the In-depth Study Session –    Part 2

PART 2 (4-5 Hours) – Practical Seminar

I. Three Steps to Financial Freedom

Step#1 Learning to Budget

A. Budgeting 101

Group Activity: Determining Monthly Income

Group Activity: Making a Budget

B. The Keys to Successfu Budgeting

Step#2 Getting Out of Debt

Group Activity: Debt List

C. Why We Get Into Debt
The Urge to Splurge (The Psychology of Spending Money)

  • Group Activity 1: Calculating Your Financial Health
  • Group Activity 2: Debt Repayment Schedule

Miscellaneous Topic on Debt

Step#3 Setting Financial Goals


A. Financial Foundation
B. Financial Knowledge
C. The Solution

Group Activity 1: Detailing Expenses (Based from Daily Journal)